How to convert a PHP array to JSON

Mar 05, 2024

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In PHP coding, the need for data conversion to JSON format arises frequently, whether for saving data in files like log files, transmitting within a POST request to an external API, or for validating data format through JSON string printing. This comprehensive guide empowers you with essential know-how to effortlessly convert PHP arrays to JSON.

Convert PHP array to JSON

To convert a php array to json, we utilise the json_encode() function which is an inbuilt PHP function.

          $car = ["name" => 'bmw', "year" => '2028', 'country' => 'baskon'];
          $cars_json = json_encode($car);
          echo $cars_json;

The above code prints a Json string containing the array elements in json format as shown below.


Convert JSON array to a PHP array

We can also convert the json data to a php array using the json_decode() function.

          json_cars = '["jeep", "ford", "benz", "bmw"]';
          $cars_array = json_decode($json_cars);
          var_dump($cars_array); // array(4) {[0]=>string(4) "jeep"[1]=>string(4) "ford"[2]=>string(4) "benz"[3]=>string(3) "bmw"}


Different PHP data types, including arrays, objects, and strings, can be seamlessly converted to and from JSON format using the json_encode() and json_decode() functions, respectively. For instance, let's delve into the process of converting a standard PHP object to and from JSON format.

Create a php object.

Here we are going to define a class and create an object using that class

        class Car {
          public $name;
          public $year;
          public $price;
          public function __construct($name, $year, $price){
              $this->name = $name;
              $this->year = $year;
              $this->price = $price;
      $jeep = new Car('jeep', '2020', 80000);

Convert php object to json

Now lets convert the $jeep object from the above snippet to JSON.

          $json_jeep = json_encode($jeep);
          echo $json_jeep; // {"name":"jeep","year":"2020","price":80000}

Convert json to a standard php object

Now lets convert the json data from the above snippet back to a php object

          $std_jeep = json_decode($json_jeep);
          echo ($std_jeep->price); // 80000

Thanks and best wishes.